On the heels of King World News warning on Tuesday that the gold market may correct in order to consolidate recent gains, the price of gold is trading nearly $20 lower on Japan’s TOCOM. But here is a look at a bullish catapult for gold, plus big buying in physical silver. Also, this has only happened twice in 40 years!

Bullish Catapult For Gold
June 25 (King World News) – Telegraph:  “A Fed loosening cycle is invariably a catapult for gold. This time the effect is turbo-charged by the onset of negative real interest rates across the US maturity curve and against the backdrop of the end of global Pax Americana.” (See chart below).

Fed Loosening Is A Catapult For Gold

This Has Happened Twice In 40 Years
Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:
  “Within days of the S&P 500 hitting a new high, the following all collapsed to a relative low:

* Small caps

* Transports

* Banks

This has happened twice in 40 years, both leading to a 15% drop in the S&P w/in 2 months. (See chart below).

This Has Only Happened Twice In 40 Years: Each Time It Led To A 15% Drop In The S&P 500 Within 2 Months!

Powell & Bullard Created Trading Opportunities For Gold & US Dollar
Peter Schiff: 
Nothing that Powell or Bullard said today is bullish for the U.S. dollar or bearish for gold. The market’s reaction to their statements merely provides traders with selling opportunities in the dollar and buying opportunities in gold.”…

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Big Buying In Physical Silver
43-year market veteran, Bill Haynes, who founded CMI Gold & Silver, the largest gold and silver dealer in the US:
  “The most interesting thing is the number of my biggest clients that are loading up on silver. Their thinking: it’s the most neglected investment anywhere. Three clients in the past year have bought over $1 million each.”

The Big Test For The Gold Market
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Michael Oliver worked directly with the Chairman of the COMEX in the 1970s bull market in gold and silver and he also called the 1987 stock market crash!

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