As we continue trading in the final few days of 2021, imagine a Bretton Woods II moment and $56,800 gold.

December 27 (King World News) – Email from KWN reader Kevin W:  Imagine a Bretton 2 moment. What would that look like?

Here is an excerpt from: Ruling The World of Money / The BIS / Harper Magazine 1983

“The club controls a bank with a $40 billion kitty in cash, government securities, and gold that constitutes about one tenth (10%) of the world’s available foreign exchange. The profits earned just from renting out its hoard of gold (second only to that of Fort Knox in value) are more than sufficient to pay for the expenses of the entire organization.”

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As of November ’21, the BIS who is at the helm of introducing a global CBDC, boasts assets that total 354B SDR or $500B. This is quite small at only 3.5% when compared to worldwide foreign exchange including gold that amounts to US$14.257T.

What is also interesting is when the US took control of gold and Fx in 1945 with Bretton Woods, the total of 18,000 MT of physical gold the US had represented 400% of US F/x reserves held by foreign CBs. Today Global CB F/x reserves amount to about $14.2T including global CB Gold Reserves of 34,000MT. Netting gold out at market value of $1.5T (except Fed’s 8100MT that holds at $11B), total foreign exchange not including gold is about $12.7T. What is laughable is the B.I.S. claims $55B in gold and gold loans amounting to a laughable 0.43% of world foreign exchange. Of course the BIS will necessarily collateralize all CB gold for backing a global CBDC. 

So let’s assume a new world CBDC currency fails and fails until is backed with a new Bretton Woods gold moment. What would 24MT or 1.1B ounces in CB gold be valued at to equal 400% of $12.5T in current foreign exchange reserves? $56,800 per ounce!

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