Today Nomi Prins, who has given keynote speeches to the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, and many other prominent institutions, spoke with King World News about her surprising predictions for 2023 as well as why there is going to be a huge amount of money flowing into gold, silver and mining stocks at the end of this year and into 2023.

2023 PREDICTIONS: Going For The Gold In 2023!
November 25 (King World News) – 
Nomi Prins:  “We’ve had six rate hikes this year, four have been 75 basis points. But now as we get toward this final meeting of the FOMC, which is going to take place on December 13-14, the Fed is talking about potentially hiking less. And how they do that is certain Fed governors start to kind of float that possibility. When that happens you know that it’s not an accident. So I believe we are going to get a 50 basis point hike. The Fed Minutes will state that ‘inflation is still high but has abated a bit and is going in the direction the Fed wants to see.’ 

So what does that mean for other assets? This Fed pivot is going to create momentum for the hard assets, the hard money, and gold is at the top of that list. In my research we have been looking at gold and gold miners as a play at the end of this year and into next year. And also silver which should have a resurgence. None of this…2023 PREDICTIONS: To continue listening to Nomi Prins discuss her surprising predictions for 2023 as well as why 2023 will be a huge year for the gold, silver and mining share markets CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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