Here is a look at 15 years of monitoring bottoms in gold, used car prices crashing, plus big trouble for tech.

15 Years Of Monitoring Bottoms In Gold
November 8 (King World News) –
Fred Hickey:  Looked back over last 15 years of gold prices and observed EVERY major rally started with a big 1-5 day jump in gold prices off the bottoms. It always starts with short covering (that’s the spike/signal). Then, when it’s clear the rally won’t reverse (bull move is on), longs come in.

Sept ’08 bottom gold +$50 in 1 day (+6.2%)
Dec ’15 bottom +$30 over 2 days (+2.8%)
Oct ’18 bottom +$41 over 3 days (+3.5%)
May 19 bottom +$54 over 5 days (+4.3%)
Mar ’20 bottom +$111 over 2 days (+7.5%)
Mar ’21 bottom +60 over 4 days (+3.6%)
Nov ’22 bottom? +$51 over 1 day (+3.1%)

Big Trouble For Tech
The Kobeissi Letter:
  Tech companies this month:

1. Twitter – Laying off 75% of employees
2. Apple – Hiring freeze
3. Amazon: Hiring freeze
4. Snapchat: Laying off 20% of employees
5. Meta: Laying off “thousands” this week
6. Microsoft: Layoffs have begun
7. Intel: Laying off 20% of employees

Central Bank Insolvency
Alasdair Macleod:
  Seems the mainstream media catching on to the central bank’s insolvency problems. Now that it is becoming public that CBs are not in a position to simply rescue failing banks, public confidence in the financial system is likely to implode at a quickening pace…

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Used Car Prices Crashing
Charlie Bilello:
  Used car prices are now down 15% over the last 9 months, the largest 9-month decline on record with data going back to 2008. This was a leading indicator of higher inflation rates in 2020 and the recent downturn is likely a leading indicator of lower inflation rates to come.

Used Car Price Collapse Unprecedented

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