With the Nasdaq breaking over 5000 and gold back above $1,200, today King World News takes a look at part of the master plan to control humanity.  This piece takes a trip down the rabbit hole of mainstream media and central bank lies and destruction.

The chart below shows how remarkably cheap the cost of living was back in 1970.

KWN I 4:21:2015

The chart below shows how dramatically the cost of living has increased from 1975 – today (look at the left and right hand sides of this chart).

KWN II 4:21:2015

The chart below from David Stockman shows how dramatically the cost of living risen from January 2000 – March 2014.  Although the price of oil has declined considerably, many of the other items on the list have either stayed the same or increased substantially.  As an example, the price of ground beef hit $4.20 in February of this year, an increase of nearly 13 percent in less than one year!

KWN III 4:21:2015

Bottom line: Despite the mainstream media propaganda, the illustration below says it all for the rapidly disappearing middle class.

KWN IV 4:21:2015

The charts above expose how central banks have rapidly destroyed the purchasing power of paper money.  Now they are well into an unprecedented global monetary experiment that will certainly end in destruction, while all the time they keep telling the public everything is getting better.

KWN V 4:21:2015

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