Silver has traded lower for 11 out of the last 12 trading days, while the gold market was hit with more paper selling.

King World News has repeatedly warned about the all-time record commercial short positions in the silver market.  The last KWN warning was issued just 10 days ago CLICK HERE.  In the aftermath of those warnings, silver has now been hit 11 out of the last 12 trading days as the price has plunged (see right hand side of the chart below).


For those keeping score, here is a look at the latest COT report for silver.  It shows that the commercials had done a bit of short covering prior to the most recent smash (see chart below).


The commercials have surely covered a large number of their silver shorts since the latest report and KWN will keep global readers up to date on the latest changes as soon as they become available…

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For those wondering about the gold market, here is a look at the commercial short positions in gold (see chart below).


The bottom line is that the corrupt bullion banks want to get paid when their short positions reach a certain size, and the only way they can do that is to smash the price of the underlying metal, like they have done with silver (down 11 out of the last 12 trading days). This process will go on until the market overruns the criminal banking syndicates, but for now the game remains the same.  Remember, in secular bull markets no government or group of governments can stop the ultimate advance, they can only delay it.  And in doing so they greatly exaggerate the ultimate upside move.

KWN will continue to flash warnings for its global readers when we see the commercial short positions warrant it.  As silver was peaking, KWN waved some major warning flags.  As the commercials cover, KWN will let readers know that the situation has improved to the point where the advance in silver and gold can continue.

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