On the heels of continued volatile trading in key global markets, the Godfather of newsletter writers, 90-year-old Richard Russell, warned about an event that will signal the start of a historic bear market that will destroy the current economic system.  The legend also discussed gold, silver and a trapped Federal Reserve.

Richard Russell:  "Investor's Business Daily headline, 7/31/15: 'Fed Rate Hike Probability in September Increases to 50%.' From every side, it appears that the Fed is more than anxious to raise the federal funds rate. This is based on the Fed’s perception that the economy is rosy and growing stronger. 

However another Investor's Business Daily headline from the same issue states: “Worst Expansion Since WWII Gets Even Worse.” According to John Williams, the US economy is slipping back into recession. In the face of this, the mistaken Fed plans to raise rates.

Turning to the stock market, I note that the Industrials are down 92 to 17,598. The Transports are up 25 to 8416. The Nasdaq is down 13 and only 115 points above the critical 5,000 level. Gold is down 9.3 to 1085.8, while silver is down 27 cents to 14.48.

A Trapped Fed

Despite all the forecasts for a rate hike by the Fed, the Fed has so far refused to pull the trigger. Evidently the Fed knows more than it is announcing. The actual fact is that the Fed is not convinced the economy is strong enough to handle a rate increase.

John Williams continues to warn about hyperinflation. One sign of hyperinflation would be a collapse of the US dollar, followed by rising silver and gold prices. The Fed, in its frenzy to raise rates, believes its own propaganda to the effect that the US economy is improving. We will know in the next few weeks if this is true.

King World News -- Richard Russell - This Will Signal The Start Of A Historic Bear Market That Will Destroy The Current Economic System

Trigger Of Historic Bear Market Will Destroy The Current Economic System

From my standpoint, this is the strangest period that I have gone through since the 1940s. The Industrials are declining faster than the Transports. If this continues, at some point the Industrials will touch the Transports. When that happens, I believe a bear market will be signaled, as both Industrials and Transports accelerate on the downside.

I expect a brief period of higher prices which will draw in the amateurish retail public. This brief breather will be followed by an historic bear market that will tear apart the current economic system. It will eliminate the Federal Reserve and result in a new workable economic system based on the old standards.

The new system will eliminate fiat money while silver and gold will recapture the basis of tangible money.

King World News - A Stunning View Of The War In The Silver Market

I Advise People To Buy Physical Silver

Silver is selling below the cost of production. Again, I suggest to subscribers to purchase the monster boxes of silver coins." I would urge all KWN readers around the world to subscribe to Richard Russell's 90 years of wisdom and remarkable writings at Dow Theory Letters by CLICKING HERE TO SUBSCRIBE.

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