On the heels of continued propaganda from the Federal Reserve, today John Embry told King World News that the “Deep State” is desperate right now.

The “Deep State” Is Becoming Increasingly Desperate
John Embry:  
Eric, I have believed for some time that the powers that be, also known as the ‘Deep State,’ are desperate to have Hillary Clinton win the election — thus enabling them to maintain control of the system…

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Therefore, things must be presented to the public in such a way that they believe the incumbent Democrats are doing a good job and thus deserve to have their candidate, Hillary, prevail.

In my opinion, that is going to be a tall order given what is currently unfolding in the United States.  The industrial production numbers are weak, retail sales are uninspiring, health insurance costs are rising noticeably, and maybe most importantly, statistics relating to goods movement are weak.

KWN Roberts I 5:6:2016Just More Outright Lies & Propaganda
The U.S. economy is giving every indication of lapsing into recession.  I’ve commented in the past about the propaganda being issued constantly in the United States as it relates to the phony jobs numbers but they now appear to be getting more absurd with each release.

However, another perhaps more pressing problem is the tenuous state of the U.S. dollar, which is seriously over-owned globally.  At any sign of emerging weakness, they trot out some Fed official to talk about an imminent rate increase and then aggressively manipulate the currency and precious metals markets to give credence to the statement.

Earlier this week when the U.S. dollar was giving ground noticeably, it was New York Fed President, Dudley, yet another Goldman Sachs alumni, who acted as the hit man, talking about a September rate hike and backing it up with all sorts of misleading information.  The ploy worked as the dollar rebounded and gold was hammered to the tune of roughly $20 by the usual suspects.

King World News - ALERT: The Contagion Is Already SpreadingExpect A Chaotic Fall, But Gold & Silver Will Shine
However, all of this is just a prelude to what I suspect is going to be a chaotic fall.  There are economic problems spanning the globe and the geopolitical situation deteriorates by the day.  I must admit I have to tip my cap to those behind the curtain if they can make it through election day in early November without a Black Swans spoiling their best laid plans.

In the meantime, gold and silver remain on the bargain table with minuscule downside risk and massive upside potential.  The shares are currently undergoing a mild correction after moving up over 180 percent in less than 7 months.  However, when the next up leg for gold and silver commences, which I suspect is going to be sooner rather than later, I anticipate the shares will go ballistic.”

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