Today the top trends forecaster in the world spoke with King World News and blasted the Washington Post.  He also answered the all-important question, will the alternative media survive?

Eric King:  “One of your top trends for 2017 is Rest In Peace, The Fourth Estate.  This has to do with newspapers being on their deathbeds — the mainstream media, etc — and there are some questions about what will replace it.  But in the meantime, obviously there is a war on alternative media.  Cover the war on alternative media and the Fourth Estate.  Will alternative media survive and what about the Fourth Estate?”

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Gerald Celente:  “You used to have the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, and the Congressional Branch, and the Fourth Estate was to watch over those and to watch over the other people who had a lot of power, who were running the countries.  And now that’s lost because you have six companies that own 90 percent of all the media thanks to the 1996 Federal Communications Act, deregulated by Bill Clinton.  So no surprise why the mainstream media gave her (Hillary Clinton) so much positive coverage…

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Gerald Celente continues:
  So now we go back to the Fourth Estate dying.  I get the Wall Street Journal every day.  It’s 40 percent of what it used to be, starting about three weeks ago.  They are cutting staff all over.

King World News - Paul Craig Roberts - Corruption, Propaganda And Why The U.S. Government Won't Answer My Letter

There are no newspapers anymore.  You get a couple of pieces of local news and the rest of it that you get is called ‘aggregated news’ (propaganda). So all of the newspapers (aggregated stories across the U.S.) are identical.

So as we go to the ‘fake news’ thing, look at that bullshit story that the Washington Post put out by the clown of a man citing sources and essentially saying, ‘I can’t say who the sources are, but these are the most brilliant people in the world and we’re going to believe everything they say.’  How can he get away with crap like that?

You’re calling this a democracy and you’re the Washington Post?  And you write a story like that, saying that there are these ‘fake news’ outlets?  And you won’t say who is saying it?  What kind of a lowlife little boy (Washington Post columnist) are you?  What kind of a guy without any cajones (balls) are you?  Oh, you are protecting your sources?  You mean when somebody is libeling (other media outlets) you won’t say who’s throwing out the libel, Washington Post?  How about  Washington Crap?

And then you go back to the election.  The people turned against the media.  There is no Fourth Estate.  It’s dead.  They have a propaganda machine!

John Swinton Called Mainstream Media ‘Prostitutes’ In 1880 (see below)

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Gerald Celente coined the term “Presstitutes”
And so what they are doing is, because they lost, these little lowlife people are attacking people like you, me, (former U.S. Treasury Secretary) Paul Craig Roberts, and others, because we won’t tow their party line.  Because we’re not presstitutes.  You (the oligarchs) can’t pay us off to put out (propaganda) like you can with the rest of them.  That’s all they are — presstitutes.  You pay them to put out.”

KWN Celente III 9:25:2015

Eric King:  “Gerald, will the alternative media survive this?”

Gerald Celente:  “Sure it will.  But they are going to try to…..this is one of Gerald Celente’s most important audio interviews ever as he covers the war against the so-called ‘fake news’ as well as the remarkable top trends that will shape the world in 2017 and you can listen to it right now by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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