Here are two quick notes from two of the great ones, Fred Hickey and Richard Russell.

There’s so much spin that comes out of Wall Street every day from hucksters who want this long-in-the-tooth stock bull market to continue (forever). The financial media (example: CNBC)
is no better, with most of them doing Wall Street’s bidding (it’s who pays them) and
cheerleading the Fed’s interventions because they’re died-in-the-wool believers
in central planning and big government.

If I’m correct and the central bankers are failing and likely to lose control, then we should see major turns in fortunes for both stocks (a continuation of the current sell-off) and gold
(a huge rally)…History is on our side. 
Money printing never works.
The paper gold shorts will be vanquished.”

— Fred Hickey, August 19, 2015

The Fed Has Guaranteed That Chaos Will Unfold
Legendary Richard Russell had this to say in August of last year:  I have never cared for the Fed’s interference with the natural law of supply and demand. In breathing, one cannot inhale forever. After inhaling you must allow stale air to leave by exhaling. In a normal market cycle, bear markets always follow bull markets. In interrupting the normal cycle, the Fed has paved the way for an enormous correction.

I expect a brief period of higher prices which will draw in the amateurish retail public. This brief breather will be followed by an historic bear market that will tear apart the current economic system. It will eliminate the Federal Reserve and result in a new workable economic system based on the old standards. The new system will eliminate fiat money while silver and gold will recapture the basis of tangible money.

Recently I turned 91 years of age, and I can only hope for the best for the US and prepare for the worst. As for my subscribers, my thought is that the precious metals will outlast everything else.

Buy Physical Silver
Silver is now selling below the cost of production. I like the monster boxes of silver eagles put out by the Treasury. You should buy as much of them as you can afford.”

King World News note:  Russell and Hickey are right, it’s just a matter of time before the global Ponzi scheme collapses. It’s important for KWN readers around the world to take action now while there is still time to prepare.

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