On a day when the price of oil continued its historic collapse, what is happening right now is truly unprecedented.

Great Depression II
April 27 (King World News) – Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:
  “So many comparisons like “the economy today is worst since 2008/1930s” Economic fear is rampant, with the # of media stories mentioning “Great Depression” near all-time high The only other time this happened? Jan 2009: stocks fell more over next 2 months before long term bottom (see below).

Media Mentions Of The “Great Depression” Near All-Time High

Another Parabolic Move
With the combination of a soaring market and free commissions, retail trading activity went parabolic to start the year. The pandemic didn’t stop it. (See below).

The Public Is Trading Like Crazy!

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Another Red Flag
Free credits – cash available to be borrowed against stock holdings – jumped by more than 10% in March. Margin debt dropped by more than 10%. The only other month in 60 years where this happened was October 1987. (See below).

Reminiscences Of October 1987

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The Other Side, Plus A Gold & Silver Update
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