As we continue trading in the first month of 2018, what is happening in gold, bonds and crude oil is truly stunning.

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Some very important charts from SentimenTrader

Commercials heavily long 10-Year US Treasuries!


Commercials near all-time record long 2-Year US Treasuries!


Commercials near all-time record long 5-Year US Treasuries!


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Commercials increase all-time record short positions in Crude Oil!


The Bottom Line
What is happening in the crude oil market is fascinating as the commercials are in uncharted territory in terms of their short positions, even as the trade continues to go against them.  Regarding bonds:  Commercials are still short 30-Year US Treasuries, but they are extremely long the 2-Year through 10-Year US Treasuries. Bond bears beware.

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Regarding the gold market, this was a comment earlier in the week from Bill Fleckenstein:

A 24-Carat Spring
Again, I believe that when we get the next up-leg in gold, the miners are spring-loaded to move ahead dramatically. I say that because most of the companies that I am involved with (and others as well) had good results last year, and should have good quarters prospectively given metal prices and the nature of changes many managements have made, but they have barely been rewarded. Thus, if gold starts to get frisky one of these days, these miners going to get a hell of a lot friskier as well.” — Bill Fleckenstein

Also, here is a powerful KWN audio interview with Bill Fleckenstein discussing the gold and silver markets and much more and you can listen to by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.


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