This will lead to a panic into gold, plus a fascinating look at real estate.

This Will Lead To A Panic Into Gold
April 19 (King World News) – 
Egon von Greyerz:  By demonstrating to world central banks that the US can freeze any country’s foreign exchange reserves held outside their country, the world financial system and central bankers have learnt a lesson that will permanently change the way they do business.

No sane country will ever hold their reserves in US dollars or other currencies at a bank that the US government can directly or indirectly control. Nor will countries trust the Swift system which the US can unilaterally manipulate.The flight from the US dollar will not happen overnight but it will be more rapid than anyone can imagine…

One Of The Best Silver Plays In The World Just Became
One Of The Best Gold Play In The World!

Gold & Bonds In The 1970s
Otavio Costa:
  Don’t forget what happened in the 70s: Nominal yields trended higher and gold followed along almost perfectly.

Bond Yields & Gold Surged Together In The 1970s

Real Estate
King World News note: Below are some fascinating charts covering the real estate market:

Pace Of New Home Construction And
Completions Well Below 2005 Peak

Housing Sentiment At All-Time Lows Below 10

Monthly Payment To Purchase Average Priced Home
Has Now Risen Above $1,800 (Real Time)

National Payment vs Income Ratio Below 2006 Peak
Now 32.1% (Real Time)

Cost Of Owning vs Renting Single Family Starter Home

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