This is the reason gold is surging $20 today along with silver.

Catalyst For Gold & Silver Surge
November 1 (King World News
) – 
From top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:  There is a potentially bullish Chinese yuan scenario setting up on the US Dollar/Chinese Yuan chart … looks set to post a bearish outside day at the high of the move off a level very similar to the peak posted in January 2017.  More importantly a close tomorrow below 6.9299 would be a bearish outside week off the high of the trend.  That is also exactly how the US dollar and Chinese yuan turned in January 2017 (see chart below).

Chinese Yuan Set To Rally Strongly vs US Dollar

Fitzpatrick also sent KWN the all-important chart showing the US dollar is in danger of a top.  Note the bearish divergences on the chart below as the dollar hit consecutive highs.

US Dollar In Danger Of Tumbling Aggressively From A Major Top

The Reason Gold & Silver Should Continue To Surge
King World News note:  The reversal in the US dollar is the reason the price of gold has surged $20 today and is now within striking distance of its recent highs.  If Fitzpatrick is correct that the US dollar has topped and is in the process of a major reversal, the price of gold and silver should trade significantly higher than what is being quoted today.  This will also create a big lift in the high-quality shares of the major mining companies.

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