With the price of gold surging $40, look at what is now up a staggering 26 times in price, 1950s-today, mega inflation, plus this is also skyrocketing.

September 30 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  We can not forget the big picture. This cup & handle will breakout and then go a very long way, as I see it. It broke below 2020 Sept wick low of 21.81 yesterday and is now backtesting black support line. And today the 30th is last day of the quarter.

Silver Cup & Handle Preparing To Explode Higher

Rob Hager:
  U.S. private sector financial assets a % of GDP (see chart below).

Wall Street Winning, Main Street Losing
US Private Sector Financial Assets As % Of GDP

Inflation Worries
Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab:
  Still no meaningful uptick in Google searches for “hyperinflation”

Google Searches For “Hyperinflation”

Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab:  
Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index is just a hair below its high in April 2011.

Bloomberg Commodity Index Just A Hair Below 2011 High

GDXJ Mining Index
Nautilus Research:  Key intersection of support – base of parallel channel and .618 Fib. (see chart below).

Key Support For Gold Mining Stocks

Mega Inflation!
Jeroen Blokland:
  The Eurozone’s benchmark Natural Gas future is now up a whopping 26 times(!) compared to its low in May last year. Argue that this is transitory all you want, but someone has to pay for this, now.

Eurozone Natural Gas Up A Whopping 26X In Price!

More Inflation
Holger Zschaepitz:
  Good morning from Germany, where the energy crisis is also hitting hard. Electricity prices are skyrocketing to their highest level in at least ten years.

Electricity Prices Skyrocketing In Germany!

US Debt Ceiling
Simon Mikhailovich:
  “Over the past century, the debt ceiling has been lifted almost 100 times. The US has a debt problem, not a debt ceiling problem.”…

With surface samples as high as a staggering 300,000
grams of silver, this company is looking to make
one of the largest silver discoveries in history!

XAU/Gold Ratio
  XAU/Gold ratio: This is the big picture to focus on. Miners are rounding out a huge base and a massive bull market is on the way in the coming decade.

Miners Rounding Out Huge Base
Preparing For Massive Bull Market

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