The perfect storm is brewing in the gold market and “this time the situation is infinitely worse.”

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“This Time The Situation Is Infinitely Worse”
April 17 (
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Alasdair Macleod:  “The difference between Lehman and now was that Lehman was basically a rescue of overstretched banks which basically got caught with collateral falling apart from under them, and we’re talking about one specific type of collateral — residential property.  This time the situation is infinitely worse.  And the reason I use that word ‘infinitely’ is that it will require infinite money printing in order to stop asset values from collapsing. We have already come up with a list of things which the Fed is going to support (laughter), and the numbers are just absolutely enormous.

The Perfect Storm Brewing In The Gold Market
But of course the thing that really matters to the Fed is that the value of financial assets must be maintained.  It must particularly keep the level of government bond ratings — US Treasury ratings in the market — they must not be allowed to fall.  Because if the bonds fall and the yields rise and the level at which the US Treasury has to fund itself starts rising, then you basically find that the US government will be in a debt trap from which there is absolutely no escape.  
And how can you escape from it?  Well, you can’t fund it directly.  You just have to get your central bank to print the money to pay the bills.  And that is where we are…(and in the midst of all of this we have the perfect storm brewing in the gold market)…to listen to one of Alasdair Macleod’s most important audio interviews ever where he discusses the perfect storm in the gold market and why “this time the situation is infinitely worse” CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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