On the heels of two important events this morning, one of the greats in the business told King World News that silver is not a real market but the curtain is about to fall.

Two Important Events This Morning
June 10 (
King World News) – James Turk:  
I think everybody has to take notice of two important events this morning, Eric. One was obvious, and one was not. 
The obvious one is the CPI number showing consumer price inflation at a 13-year high. But we all knew that already by going to the grocery store and filling up the family car. The less obvious one is the way gold, and particularly silver, snapped back this morning.

It was a classic set-up. Prior to the CPI announcement, gold and silver were under pressure. The shorts were pushing it to shake out whatever weak hands they could find. Then after the announcement, the bids on gold and silver momentarily disappeared and their prices fell. But both metals then really snapped back, with silver quickly moving to probe $28 yet again…

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At $28 the shorts and price manipulators have drawn a line in the sand, Eric. But we need to remember, it is only a line in sand, not an insurmountable wall.

Silver Is Not A Real Market, Plus Silver Shorts
The shorts can try to keep silver under $28, but they are fighting a losing battle. Today’s CPI is evidence that inflation is climbing, and with the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates low and creating $120 billion of new currency every month, inflation is going to get worse.

What we are seeing in silver is not a real market. That’s why premiums on coins are so high and why it is difficult to buy physical silver in large quantities at anything near the artificial prices being quoted on futures exchanges. The shorts recognize that we are at the endgame. When silver breaks $28 and gold follows above $1900, the curtain will finally fall. Thus, they are doing everything in their power to make people think that silver is not worth more than $28, but the market knows that silver is worth a lot more.

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