One of Gerald Celente’s best KWN audio interviews of 2019 has now been released!

The Greatest Depression
August 10 (King World News) – 
Gerald Celente:  “Gold broke $1,450 and then zipped right up to the $1,500 mark where it’s hovering now.  So it looks like gold is going to stay above the $1,450 breakout point, which I have been saying now for six years.  At this point I am forecasting gold is going to go up much faster than it is going to go down, and this has nothing to do with global trade wars or tariffs.  It has to do with a global slowdown. 

The Federal Reserve pumped in $29 trillion to boost the economy and the same thing has happened all over the world.  It didn’t work and that’s why we are now looking at the Greatest Depression unfolding in front of us.  People feel it in their pocketbooks.  They feel it in their bones.  Look at how many people are on antidepressant drugs.  Depression is more than just dollars and cents — it’s common sense, and people feel it.  So we are now in a stage one…To continue listening to one of Celente’s best interviews this year CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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