The mother of all moonshots is about to get under for silver.

Love This Chart
March 15 (King World News)
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Love this chart – a very big picture chart showing that the commodities bull is very much for real. A monumental breakout in the making for silver vs commodities complex. Retraced a bit last few quarters as oil did strong. Backtesting.

Mother Of All Cup & Handle Breakouts Underway
For Silver vs Commodities

Silver vs M2
Graddhy out of Sweden:  Silver vs M2, monthly This is a good chart for understanding how looong Silver has to go in this bull market. Yellow path completes the pattern and is rather likely I would say. All the printing will have big consequences, this chart going for a moon move will be one of them.

Silver Moonshot Coming Soon!

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Silver Is Money
King World News note:  Here is an even better chart of this from Crescat Capital…

Silver Will Skyrocket To Correct This Massive Imbalance

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