With gold and silver trading higher after yesterday’s orchestrated takedown, the massive gold and silver bull markets are just getting started. Look at these remarkable charts and more.

Silver Price Discovery
February 3 (King World News)
Garic Moran at Tice Capital Management:  “CFTC and SEC: Price discovery in the Silver Futures market could be found very quickly; tell the concentrated commercial shorts their only trading option is to cover short or declare Force Majeure. They are not legitimate hedgers; they are monopolistic, manipulative price setters.”

JP Morgan And Silver
Rudy Havenstein:
  Really odd how spot silver is plunging yet physical bullion dealers are sold out and scrambling for silver. Here’s an unrelated old headline.

Richard Gerhardt sent KWN this email from Germany:
 SLV holdings exploded. +56.8 million ounces today, 109.8 million since Thursday (see below).

Billionaire Eric Sprott Buying
To find out which company billionaire Eric Sprott just bought a 12% stake in click here.

The Great Rotation
Kevin Smith:  Get ready for the Great Rotation. A stagflationary shift like 1973-74 (see chart below).

Gold Miners (YELLOW) vs S&P 500 (BLUE)

Investors live off fear and greed. The Great Rotation is all about the impending move out of record overvalued large cap growth and technology stocks and corporate credit and into undervalued commodities and scarce resource equities. It should look a lot like the tech bust (see chart below).

Gold Miners (YELLOW) vs NASDAQ (BLUE)

A new gold rush is on. Precious metals are likely to be at the core of the rotation on the long side. Even in the Great Depression, gold stocks went up when the rest of the market tanked(see chart below).

Gold Miners (YELLOW) vs Dow (BLUE)

Silver tops out when it is cornered by the wealthiest. Not the case today. Silver is an incredibly uncrowded trade among the 1%. Its biggest moves come when it is accumulated broadly by the masses.

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