Ahead of tomorrow’s Fed Meeting, look at who just said the price of gold is headed to new all-time highs.

Gold Blastoff
September 15 (King World News) – Dan Tapiero:
  Gold about to blast off. Chart looks so good breaking this trendline, I couldn’t resist. Short term target 10%+ higher in Q4. Expect 50day moving average (pink line) to support as it has since April. Liquidity from rest of world starting to flow through. China data strong. (See chart below).

Gold Price Set To Surge 10% = $2,160+

Billionaire Eric Sprott Buying
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Gold Looks Promising
James Turk:
  This December gold chart looks promising. Some upside follow through is now needed for gold to begin its next upleg. Hurdling $2000 once again will provide confirmation that gold is resuming its bull trend. (See chart below).

Gold Surging Above $2,000 Signals
Resumption Of Bull Trend

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Ross Beaty – Race To Destroy Paper Money
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