Look at what just hit the lowest level since 1972 and it’s not oil.

CRB Lowest Since ’72
April 21 (King World News) – Charlie Bilello: 
The CRB Commodity Index is at its lowest level since September 1972, down 75% from its 2008 high. (See below).

CRB Has Now Crashed To Lowest Level Since 1972

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2020 Commodity Returns…
Gold: +11%
Palladium: -0.1%
Wheat: -2%
Cocoa: -7%
Coffee: -11%
Soybeans: -12%
Natural Gas: -17%
Silver: -17%
Corn: -18%
Copper: -20%
Platinum: -22%
Cotton: -22%
Sugar: -24%
Lumber: -26%
Brent Crude -61%
Heating Oil: -62%
Gasoline: -66%
WTI Crude: -81%

Another Collapse
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