Here is a look at inflation, commodities,  housing, and silver.

Inflation And Commodities
June 29 (
King World News) –
Peter Boockvar: 
For all the talk about the pullback in lumber and copper prices and the comfort some in the ‘transitory’ camp are taking in that, the CRB raw industrials index has rallied back to within .3% of its 10 yr high. As said before, many materials within this index don’t trade on a futures exchange and thus better reflects actual supply and demand and not the behavior of speculators. And, it doesn’t include energy prices where WTI is nearing its highest level in 3 years.

CRB Raw Industrials Index .3%
From Highest Level In 3 Years

The housing price bubble in the US, with different characteristics than the last one, is not just a US thing. Today, the Nationwide House Price index in the UK for June saw prices rising by 13.4% y/o/y. Easy money is definitely the main factor but there is also a rush before a purchase tax holiday expires. Housing bubbles are also seen in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of Europe. As for the US, today’s S&P CoreLogic home price index is expected to show a y/o/y price increase of 14.7%. So much for the Fed’s all-inclusive monetary policy where lower income people now can’t afford housing.

UK Home Prices Rocketing Higher!

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Silver Miners ETF
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
The silver miners ETF has now filled the gray gap we got at the start of the last larger cycle low. Very oversold and also late for smaller cycle low here, so good odds this gapfill marks at least a smaller cycle low.

Silver Miners ETF May Have Just Hit A Cycle Low

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