How’s this for shocker inflation for consumers of energy, which is everyone.

Natgas-flation! Oy vey!
February 1 (King World News) – From KWN reader C. Perkins in Texas:  I just got the monthly e-mail from TXU Energy – my electricity provider – advising me of the natural gas price for the coming month.  My plan is tied to natgas prices…  unbelievable!

Natgas Price Increases More Than A Jaw-Dropping
50% In One Month From $4.02 to $6.27!

“Gas prices are on the rise”.  No kidding.  50% in one month!  

From now on, Boockvar can sum it up in 4 words :  It’s hopeless, we’re screwed. (ok, 6 words if you’re a purist who rejects contractions).

Otherwise… Keep up the good work!

King World News note: This is exactly the kind of rampant inflation you would expect to see prior to a major bull market upside move in the gold and silver markets.

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