Here is a look at gold, upcoming interest rate decision, plus another wave of inflation.

July 8 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  Said on March 5th that this chart was saying miners were going to outperform general equities going forward. And, miners did also bottom there and then.

No need for great big picture charting to be complicated.

Gold Miners Coiling To Massively Outperform S&P 500

So it begins.

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Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Gold has broken out into a resumed secular bull market.  And this chart shows gold miners turning vs tech companies.  The big asset rotation is starting right here.  As said for 4.5 years – this commodities bull market will be the greatest opportunity in our lifetime.

Gold Mining Stocks Coiling To Radically Outperform Tech Stocks

To Cut, Or Not To Cut?
Peter Boockvar:
  As we all breathe the same economic air, I believe these questions should be asked by all of us and luckily we’ll get some answers in the coming month. Lastly, if people are getting excited that the Fed is possibly closer to cutting interest rates, why aren’t smaller company stocks doing better as they would most benefit via a lower cost of capital? Divergences and inconsistencies indeed.

Another Wave Of Inflation
After another string of softer data last week the odds of a September rate cut are growing but there is no easy road for them. As I was out Friday, in case you didn’t see the updated shipping cost data, they continue to skyrocket. The Shanghai to Rotterdam container price jumped by $734 w/o/w to now over $8,000 at $8,056.

More “Transitory” Inflation As Shipping Rates Continue To Skyrocket!

It was just under $1,700 to start the year and was around $2,000 pre Covid, though still off its panic highs of a few years ago. That’s the most expensive since August 2022 and is coming right before crucial holiday goods start to get shipped. The Shanghai to LA trip is now around $7,500 at $7,472, up $799 w/o/w.

More “Transitory” Inflation As Shipping Rates Continue To Skyrocket!

Gold & Silver Bull Catalyst
King World News note:  The next wave of inflation will wreak havoc in the interest rate markets, and will also be yet another major catalyst in gold and silver prices heading higher. Gold will begin its surge to the $2,700-$3,000 area, and silver will begin its move to $50 (before eventually heading over $100 an ounce).

Shocking Parabolic Gold & Silver Moves Are Coming!
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Just Released!
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