Gold will go through the roof, mind-boggling, plus highest in history.

January 13 (King World News) – 
Peter Schiff:  “If gold can do this well when the dollar is rising, imagine what it’s going to do when the dollar starts falling. I think the dollar’s going through the floor which means the price of gold is going through the roof.”

Fred Hickey: 
“In 2000 stock bubble, increased tax receipts from the bubble(including higher capital gains receipts)created temporary budget surpluses. Current stock bubble’s also causing receipts to swell, yet we already have $1T+ deficits. Mind-boggling deficits ahead.”…

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Highest In History
Holger Zschaepitz:
  “We’ve never had it so good: Global equities now worth $88trn, highest value in history. Equals to ~100% of world GDP. (See below).

Global Equities Now Worth A Staggering $88 Trillion

Holger Zschaepitz:
  “Oops! Global debt smashes records again. Piling up at the fastest rate since 2016. Nearing $253tn, equal to 322% of global GDP in Q3 2019, IIF warns. EM (Emerging Market) debt exceeded $72 trillion (223% of GDP) while debt in developed world topped $180 trillion (383% of GDP). (See below).

RECORD DEBT: Global Debt Hits 322% Of GDP

Keith McCullough:
  “GOLD: still correcting -0.9% after signaling immediate-term TRADE overbought within its Bullish TREND last week.”

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$1,850+ Gold
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