With the price of gold and silver surging, here is a look at a gold bull catalyst, silver spiking, ouch, plus Merry Xmas for gold and silver bulls.

Gold Bull Catalyst: Stagflation To Return With A Vengeance
December 26 (
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Peter Schiff:  “If China buys agriculture instead of Treasuries, Americans will be paying more to borrow and to eat. As the 2% inflation target becomes a launch pad, stagflation will return with a vengeance. With unprecedented levels of short-term debt, this switch couldn’t come at a worse time!”…

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Holger Zschaepitz:
  “Ouch! The Baltic Dry Index, a measure of commodity shipping costs and often used as a leading economic indicator, keeps falling. Has dropped to 1,090 points, has fallen 15 consecutive days. (See below).

Baltic Shipping Index Plunges For 15th Consecutive Day

Jeroen Blokland: 
“Gold is back above USD 1500! (See below).

Gold Back Above $1,500!

Jeroen Blokland: 
“Silver is up more than 8% in the last two weeks! (See below).

Silver Up More Than 8% In Just Two Weeks!

Merry Xmas For Gold & Silver Bulls
Fred Hickey:
  “Looks like it’ll be a very Merry Xmas for precious metals bulls. Gold back near $1500 (“healthy” correction is over), silver on the move, miners ripping higher – with most technical traders (long-term gold bulls) caught on sidelines. Fundamentals great & now technicals improved too.”

Astonishing Christmas Prediction From A Legend
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