Today global markets went wild as the West had a “Chamberlain moment” abandoning Ukraine to Putin and the rapidly advancing Russian Army.

The West Has A “Chamberlain Moment” Abandoning Ukraine
February 24 (King World News) – The Russian military is dominating the war in Ukraine. Russian troops are closing in on Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Intelligence Agency was seen burning all confidential documents in the center of Kiev because they know the Russians will shortly control the capital. Documents were also being burned in front of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Documents Being Burned In Front Of
Ukrainian Ministry Of Defense

The Ukrainian Prime Minister confirmed Russian troops seized the power plant in the area of Chernobyl.

The Russians have also established total air superiority inside Ukraine’s borders. Ukrainian air defense systems were quickly wiped out as radar stations were destroyed, leaving Ukrainian armed forces blind, and giving complete air superiority to the Russians.

The Ukrainian Minister said the Kremlin was preparing a new wave of strikes, including more air strikes.

The attack from the south has been a huge success as Russian troops continue to advance toward key objectives. The invasion from Crimea, both amphibian and by land, have seen the biggest territorial gains in today’s fighting.

Meanwhile, Nato Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg stated:

“We don’t have any plans or intentions of deploying NATO troops to Ukraine.”

This was the “Chamberlain moment” for NATO and the West. In other words, Ukraine is on its own and will soon be at the mercy of the Russians…

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Many people in Ukraine have been forced to abandon their homes and sleep in underground train stations.

Ukrainians Forced Into Underground Train
Stations (Bunkers) Fleeing Intense Fighting

It won’t be long before Russia has taken Kiev, the capital city, prompting US President, Joe Biden, to state:

“This [war] won’t last long.”

Global Markets Gone Wild
The comments from President Biden were part of the containment of global markets gone wild. At one point during the trading day crude oil had surged above $100 and the price of gold was approaching the $2,000 level. After the president’s comments along with Biden stating that the US would release additional oil from its strategic reserves as conditions warrant, the price of crude fell back to $93 and the price of gold went from trading up $65 at $1,975, all the way down to $1,889, before recovering back above the $1,900 level, a nearly $100 trading range today.

The bottom line is the Russians already control Ukraine’s fate, and the fact that there will not be any military intervention by the West in the Ukraine conflict, allowed the magicians, I mean traders, at the Fed’s massive trading room to bring calm to the global markets by the end of the day. As for the Ukrainians, the West just had its “Chamberlain moment,” but this time it is the Ukraine that will fall instead of Czechoslovakia.

Today The West Had A “Chamberlain Moment”
Abandoning Ukraine To The Russians

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