With people around the world worried about the escalating crisis in Greece and conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, today former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, warned King World News that we are in danger of black swans engulfing the world.  He then cautioned, It's a perfect storm.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  “The United States is declining very rapidly, and when the match is lit the thing is going to go up in an inferno because there are just too many unsupportable values in bonds, stocks, currencies, and in political credibility….

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Devastating Consequences And The End Of Gold And Silver Price Suppression

“If we officially get a recession, is that a black swan?  If the Fed responds by saying, ‘Oh, thank God, now we can print even more money because we’ve got another recession,’ can they continue to suppress the gold and silver prices with naked short selling, with another outpouring of paper fiat money?  I doubt it.

I think that things are going to begin winding down and it could happen very abruptly.  But again, Eric, I’ve been surprised that such an unbalanced policy could continue as long as it has without devastating consequences.”

Eric King:  “Because you were called in along with others to save the United States from collapse when President Reagan came into office, as you watch us push closer and closer to the wall that Austrian economics warns us not to approach, if you had to speculate, what is going to begin to cause this whole (Ponzi scheme) to collapse?”

Dr. Roberts:  “Well actually, Eric, we’ve climbed over that wall that the Austrians warned us against. (LAUGHTER).  We’re not just getting close to it, we’ve already climbed over it.

I think we’ve miscalculated in thinking, Eric, that we could have Russia and China as vassal states.  They’re not going to be vassal states.  Therefore, this realization on the part of Europe could affect Europe’s toleration of their own vassalage to the United States. They (Europeans) could decide:

“Look at all the risk that we’ve been pushed into by Washington:  Risk of conflict with Russia, the breakup of our very profitable economic relationships with Russia, and the renewal of the Cold War with Russia, which we suffered under during (virtually) the entire 20th century until Reagan ended it.  Now look, the bastards have brought it back.  Why did Washington do this?”

The End Of The American Empire

You could see the empire disintegrate.  All it takes is one European country to leave the EU and NATO and the American empire ends.  That’s all it takes.  Now we see who that could be — it could be Greece.

We’ve talked about this before.  If the Greeks say, ‘Look, our European partners don’t give a damn about us; they're going to press us into the ground.  So we’re defaulting,’ and then they turned to Russia, that’s the end of the American empire.

David Stockman On Black Swans & U.S. War With Russia copy

This Thing Can Blow Up At Any Time

So then you have to ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t Washington, which is so empire-crazed, tell the EU, ‘Leave Greece alone’?  Or why didn’t the Fed just print the money to bail out Greece?  If they will print the money to bail out JP Morgan, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and the British banks, why can’t they print the money to bail out Greece and get rid of the problem?  That just shows how stupid they are.  They get more pleasure out of oppressing people, in this case the Greeks, than they do in saving their own empire.  So this thing can blow up at any time. 

Do you remember when we were assured that the invasion of Iraq was a three-week war that would cost $70 billion, paid for out of Iraqi oil revenues?  That was 14 years ago.  According to Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Laureate in economics, and Linda Bilmes, a budget expert at Harvard University, the minimum cost of the Iraq War is $3 trillion.  What kind of total failure is this?  Any private firm whose management produced a disaster like this, every one of them would be fired and sued.  And yet the people responsible are still (considered) respectable.

The scariest thing about the United States is the complete absence of any competent leadership.  There’s not a single competent leader in the political system.  And if you look at the people who are announced as contenders for the presidential nomination in the next election, you are looking at a gaggle of maniacs.  These are people who haven’t got enough sense to be let out of the house on their own.  And this is a superpower — ruled by idiots!  This is the danger.  And this is why I don’t think the United States has a future.

King World News - Former U.S. Treasury Official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Warns Black Swans Will Engulf The World- It's A Perfect Storm

Black Swans Will Engulf The World

So the whole thing is a disaster.  It (financial collapse) is going to happen.  There’s no way to stop it from happening.  We (now) have a perfect situation for black swans (to engulf the world) — it’s a perfect storm.” ***The written piece above is just a small portion of the incredible audio interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  KWN has now released the audio where Dr. Roberts discusses one of the greatest periods of crisis that the world has ever seen, gold, silver, and the dangerous events taking place around the globe and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

ROBERTS 5:30:2015

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