For anyone who is wondering what’s next for gold, just read this…

Increased Fear In The Gold Market
April 24 (King World News) –
 Exciting things are set to happen in the gold market, despite increased fear on the part of many investors…

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in the past few months


For some time the gold market has been trapped in a tight trading range as pullbacks continue to make already  nervous investors even more anxious.  But the reality is that the recent trading action is just noise as the price remains inside the “Golden Bowl,” waiting to explode higher (see chart below).

Gold Pullback Just Noise As Price Remains Inside The “Golden Bowl” Of The Reverse Head & Shoulders

Climbing A “Wall Of Worry”
This chart should help investors remain focused on the big picture for gold. Meanwhile, ahead of gold’s massive surge, many investors are worried and waiting for the next shoe to drop, which has them either underexposed in the gold market or on the sidelines altogether.  This is what happens in bull markets, they climb a “wall of worry.”  Bull markets also leave as few riders on them as possible, shaking out the weak hands ahead of major advances.

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