Today one of the legends in the business and 28-year Barron’s Roundtable panelist, Felix Zulauf, warned King World News about the ticking time-bomb that now threatens the world.

King World News - The $500 Trillion Ticking Time Bomb That Will Devastate The Global Financial System

The $200+ Trillion Ticking Time-Bomb
Felix Zulauf: 
“We have a completely over-indebted world economy.  In the year 2000, total global debt amounted to about $87 trillion U.S. dollars.  The world is now way above $200 trillion dollars in debt…


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Felix Zulauf continues:  “The bigger the debt burden is, the less economic subjects have remaining in terms of borrowing power for the future.  And that means the world economy is in stagnation.  That’s the secular setup.

KWN Pento I 6:14:2015Deflation And Collapse
On top of this we have a cycle.  The cycle just didn’t play out as it normally would in the U.S., Europe, or in Japan.  It played out in China and in the emerging economies.  So the trend dynamic is to the downside.  I would call it a deflationary mechanism, a deflationary process at work, but it’s not the 1930s type of deflation, which was in an aggregate sense a collapse of the economy…  
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