Here is a look at the biggest 1-day shift since 2009, a massive gold catalyst, tick-tock, buy more stuff, plus one heck of a bullish gold forecast.

One Heck Of A Bullish Gold Forecast
September 10 (King World News) – Holger Zschaepitz:  “Citi says Gold to be, stronger for longer’ and may top $2,000/oz in the next year or two, citing lower for longer nominal and real interest rates, escalating global recession risks, exacerbated by US-China trade tensions and heightened geopolitical rifts. (See below).

Citi Says Gold May Hit $1,800 Next Year And $2,000 In 2021

Not Yet “To The Moon”
Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at SaxoBank:
  “Following several “to the moon” comments in recent weeks Gold once again does what it is very good at: Frustrating an elevated long. Support at $1450/oz. Weakness driven by rising US yields (10-yr at 1.65%) with US-China trade hostilities on hold until Q4. (See below).

Not Yet “To The Moon” As Gold Longs Endure Pullback
Support At $1,450

Hedge Funds Love Gold
Jeroen Blokland: 
“Not the best chart if you are a gold bull. Hedge funds have increased their net long positions to a record-high! (See below).

Hedge Funds Increase Gold Longs To Record High!

What A Joke
Sven Henrich: 
“This cycle: Debt/GDP to 110% producing the slowest economic expansion in history, with the greatest wealth inequality in our time, with half the population w/o safety nets in low paying jobs & no job security & 78% living paycheck to paycheck. But let’s pat ourselves on the back…

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Buy More Stuff!
Frederik Ducrozet:
  “Shadow budget” has a nice ring to it. Call it whatever you want to save face, as long as YOU BUY MORE STUFF.


TICK-TOCK: Massive Gold Catalyst
Lawrence Lepard: 
Gold miners discovered 25mm oz per year over the last 5 years. Industry produced 125mm oz per year. Source: Paradigm Capital. Explorers lagging big caps. Hmmm..”…

Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader: 
“The best stocks today (Monday) are the ones that have been the worst YTD. And it goes right down the line. This is the biggest 1-day momentum shift since 2009. (See below).

WOW: Biggest 1-Day Shift Since 2009!

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