Here is another bullish gold catalyst, economic downturn getting worse, plus it’s not just sovereign bonds that have negative yields.

More Signs Of Optimism
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Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “The Investor’s Intelligence survey of newsletter writers now has a Bull Ratio in the top 5% of all readings in the past 30 years. Such high readings led to poor 1-year returns, with the S&P averaging only 2.3%. Excluding the super-momentum years of 2013 and 2017, that dropped to -1.3%, with risk of -10.9% versus reward of only +6.4% during the next year.”

Investors Giving Up On The Reflation Trade
Ronnie Stoferle, fund manager: 
“Speculative accounts have given up on the reflation trade. (See chart below).

Contrarian Indicator? Investors Want Out Of Reflation Bets

Economic Downturn Getting Worse
Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute: 
“The downturn in US manufacturing has now caught up with that in world economy and is beginning to look like that of 2015-6. (See chart below).

Economic Downturn Getting Worse As US Catches Up With The Rest Of The World

It’s Not Just Sovereign Bonds That Have Negative Yields
Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute, continues:
  “It isn’t just sovereign bonds that offer negative yields. There are $600 billion in negative-yielding corporate bonds (mainly in the eurozone). (See chart below).

Who Buys This Crap? There Are Now More Than $600 Billion Of Negative-Yielding Corporate Bonds

Another Bullish Gold Catalyst
Alasdair McLeod:  “WORLD GOLD COUNCIL: 11% of emerging market and developing economy central banks intend to increase their gold reserves over the next 12 months. Find out more in our second annual Central Bank Gold Reserves Survey (see chart below).

MORE CENTRAL BANK GOLD BUYING: 11% Of Central Banks Plan To Increase Their Gold Reserves

Gold Bull To Continue
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