One of the greats in the business spoke with King World News about exactly what investors should be doing with their own money and their own accounts after a historic run in the gold and silver sector.

Eric King:  “Rick, I don’t have to tell you this has been a wild year, with gold up the most in 36 years — the biggest year-to-date performance in 36 years.  And of course the mining shares are in blastoff mode.  I think they’ve had the 11th best bull market move (in a short period of time) in the history of all bull markets (of any asset class)…

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So this has been quite a run, and it came off of deeply crashed and oversold levels where it never should have been.  But what do you see happening in the mining shares because it’s one heck of a party, but there is still a lot of pessimism?”

The Brutal Bear Market Has Finally Ended
Rick Rule:
 “Well, you said a lot of great stuff in the lead-in, so let’s take ‘em a few at a time.  The first thing is that, yes, it’s been a spectacular blastoff, but understand that it was a blastoff from a deeply, deeply, deeply oversold market.  
The bear market that we just went through was the second bleakest in my career.  To put it in perspective, the TSE (Toronto Stock Exchange) was off 90, NINE ZERO percent.  So the stocks were deeply oversold.  That being said, one needs to remember…To continue listening to the incredibly brilliant Rick Rule discuss what investors should be doing with their money and their accounts right now, the gold and silver markets and much more CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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