Today the top trends forecaster in the world spoke with King World News about the $15 trillion global rout and warned about the elites’ secret plan to really screw the public.

Eric King:  “Gerald, you said this week that this crisis would bring some countries to their knees.”

Staggering $15 Trillion Wiped Out In Global Collapse
Gerald Celente: 
“It already is.  It’s bringing countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Congo and South Africa to their knees (a staggering $15 trillion has been wiped out in the global equity collapse so far).  There is one currency after another collapsing….

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“The declining currencies are reflecting their declining economies.  Nearly a trillion dollars has flooded out of the emerging markets.  This was hot money that once flooded in from quantitative easing that pumped up these economies and it is now fading fast.  

King World News - Celente - $15 Trillion Wiped Out In Global Rout But Here's The Elites' Plan To Really Screw The PublicThe Elites’ Secret Plan To Really Screw The Public
Let’s get real with this.  By every indicator, quantitative easing doesn’t do it anymore.  That game is over.  But they are going to sucker the public back into the markets and they are also going to wipe out the (public’s) shorts first (before the next leg of this global collapse begins). To continue listening to
Gerald Celente’s remarkable interview providing action plans and strategies on how to survive and thrive during this collapse, how deep the panic will strike, who will suffer the most, how to avoid the economic catastrophe and turbulence, you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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KWN Celente 1:23:2016

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