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Red, Black, and Blue: Acura NSX Appears in More Colors [Gallery]

– The Acura NSX won’t be in customers’ hands until spring, but we’re getting a better look at the various permutations in which it will be offered. During Monterey Car Week, Acura showed the NSX in two previously unseen colors, Nouvelle Blue Pearl and Berlina Black, alongside the now-familiar Valencia Red Pearl. – – The new Acura NSX in Berlina Black, with the standard Y-spoke wheels. – In total, Acura

Mercedes-Benz S-class Cabriolet Leaked—By Benz Itself

– Given that the forthcoming S-class cabriolet will threaten to cannibalize exactly nothing in the Mercedes lineup, Benz is taking some unusual liberties with the car. The most obvious so far is “leaking” a detailed sketch that shows both the interior and the exterior styling. – Due on sale here next year, the S-class cabriolet will be the first S convertible since 1971, and it will be available with all the usual S-class

Cars and Caviar: We Hit the Quail, A Motorsports Gathering [Gallery]

– The annual car show at the Quail—which takes place at the eponymous golf resort in Carmel, California, on the Friday of Pebble Beach week—bills itself, somewhat humbly, as “a motorsports gathering.” In truth, the Quail is more like a lifestyle gathering for those with CEO-level bank accounts and the many marketeers who would like to meet them. As such, the cars threaten to be subsumed by a wash of