Stunning Development As U.S. Sanctions Putin's Pro-Russian Bikers
The Washington Times: By Kellan Howell

The U.S. targeted a motorcycle group favored by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the latest expansion of economic sanctions imposed over the Kremlin’s support for Ukrainian separatists.

All together the Treasury Department added 24 individuals and entities to the list of sanctions, barring travel and financial dealings with the U.S., The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The biker gang, known as the “Night Wolves” took part in armed fighting in Ukraine. The 5,000 member biker club has close ties to Mr. Putin, who has become friends with its leader, Alexander Zaldostanov, known among the bikers as “The Surgeon,” The Telegraph reported earlier this year.

The patriotic group rides to demonstrate Russian pride in former Soviet states and believes, “wherever the Night Wolves are, that should be considered Russia,” The Telegraph reported.

Mr. Putin has been close with the group since 2009 and gave “The Surgeon” an “Order of Honor” for “active work in the patriotic upbringing of the young.”