Part I (in a series) of some of the biggest research breakthroughs of the past year – The series will include the best health and fitness trends and tips to help you stay strong in 2015. Use this information in 2015 to make this new year the greatest ever.

Lifestyle Trumps Drugs

One reinforced research finding was that a healthy lifestyle plays a gigantic role in staving off disease. Prime example: You slash heart attack risk 86 percent if you exercise, eat a balanced diet, stay lean, drink in moderation, and don't smoke. And for each of those healthy habits you pick up in your 30s and 40s, you reduce your heart attack odds 15 percent.

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Sitting is the Quiet Killer

Studies showed that inactivity hikes blood sugar, impairs blood vessel function, increases risk of colon and lung cancers, and chips away at fitness gains,  even if you're fit .

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The Year of Health Book: The New Health Rules

The New Health Rules  is a manual for living well, with clear and easy rules that anyone can put into practice. Integrative health expert Dr. Frank Lipman unmasks the real causes of disease and explains how to make daily tweaks to outrun them. His 175 strategies will help you sleep better, avoid toxic household products, get your digestion on track, and eat better.

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