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26th February 2015 – Bullion Capital, the world’s leading membership-based exchange for the trade of physical gold, silver and platinum, today announced record expansion levels, with a number of new brokers signing up to the exchange every week.

In the past five months Bullion Capital has expanded its institutional membership base to over fifty, including online Forex, CFD and equity brokers who want to offer their clients access to trade on live prices for physical precious metals in multiple global locations.

This rapidly expanding broker community joins the established Bullion Capital user base of IBs, wealth managers and bullion dealers. Access to the exchange enables clients to diversify their portfolios into physical allocated precious metals and benefit from the resulting positive risk to return ratio.*  The electronic Vault Warrant (eVW) technology also allows a broker to monetize the value of their clients’ bullion holdings by using the bullion as margin collateral.

Commenting on the growth, Tom Coughlin, Bullion Capital CEO said: “We offer brokers a great solution to easily roll out to their clients. Our platform sits alongside their existing suite of services and enables their clients to benefit from additional precious metal wealth management opportunities. Offering physical bullion alongside traditional investment, Forex and CFD products is a proven strategy for brokers.”

“The recent SNB events have been a catalyst for even more brokers to join Bullion Capital, keen to broaden their portfolio and increase their revenue streams.  Of course, we are delighted with this surge in broker uptake and look forward to continued success in 2015, which is set to be an exceptional year for Bullion Capital with numerous exciting announcements in the coming months.”

Bullion Capital does not deal with paper metal, only allocated metal via a centralized electronic platform MetalDesk that enables traders to find the precious metal of their choice, physically purchase it and take full ownership of that metal, including having it delivered or vaulted.

Bullion Capital, founded in 2011, provides the most advanced solution for trading physical precious metals. It is a centralized marketplace with global storage and delivery facilities, institutional liquidity and instant order execution. Current global trading hub locations include Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai (Free Trade Zone), Bangkok, London, Zurich and New York, Istanbul and Dubai.