15 Greatest Ways to Blow Your Holiday Bonus
The Richest: By David Grant

Not everyone gets a holiday bonus, but for those that do it’s definitely a special feeling, especially when that bonus is unexpected. You can treat it as an extension of your salary for all of your hard work, or look at as “hey, free money!” Found money is the best and what you do with it can be exciting. There are so many ways to blow your holiday bonus.

It’s not only Wall Street (actually Wall Street bonuses are typically not paid during the holidays anyway), but much of corporate America as well as retail and the service industries; a little something extra in around the Holidays is expected.  (Note: Don’t feel bad for Wall Street.)

There are so many great ways to spend money, especially extra money. Sure you can invest it and even pay off bills, or both. There is another option – just blow it baby! That’s right, be adventurous and throw caution to the wind and don’t worry about tomorrow. Live for the moment!

Of course this is more feasible if you are financially secure and single, but for those that aren’t it’s a chance to dream of taking time off, buying something you don’t need and most importantly, not having a care in the world. Here are 15 ways to blow your holiday bonus.

15. Exotic Travel


This isn’t your basic Bahamas trip; no, this needs to be somewhere such as Fiji. Obviously warm is good and anyplace where hedonism is used to describe the locals is a positive. Using a travel agent is recommended because money is not going to be an object on this trip, first class all the way and spending money like a crack dealer in the eighties. At your destination throw around even more money and skimp on nothing. Make sure you are surrounded by palm trees when you take your “selfies”, making sure everyone reading your Facebook updates is jealous as hell.