Bullion banks are making moves in the gold, silver and US dollar markets. Take a look…

June 16 (King World News)
The positioning by commercial traders in the gold market is net-bearish.

Commercial Traders Remain Short The Gold Market, But Not At Record Levels


Here is a look at the silver market, where commercials are also positioned in a bearish manner.

Commercial Traders Remain Short Silver, But Not At Record Levels


Nobody Bullish US Dollar Except Commercial Traders
Here is a look at the US dollar, where commercials are positioned in a bullish manner.

15 Year Chart Shows Commercial Traders Bullish On The US Dollar


Nobody Believes
The public has been aggressively selling the rally in gold mining stocks.

The Public Have Been Very Large Net Sellers Of GDX Mining Index Into The Rally In Gold Mining Stocks


There will be pullbacks and shakeouts along the way, but the gold market in particular has enormous power underneath it. This will lead to much higher prices over time as gold advances will certainly continue to surge toward the $2,700-$3,000 area. Meanwhile silver is headed back toward its all-time high. As for the mining stocks, they remain one of the cheapest asset classes in the world, but that will soon change.

As far as the US dollar is concerned, there is a great deal of negative press on the dollar and it seems the only buyers are the commercial traders, which could be viewed as a bullish contrarian signal. However, it does not matter where the dollar trades because all of the fiat currencies are garbage. The same was true during the 1970s inflationary period.

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