Today London whistleblower and metals trader Andrew Maguire takes KWN readers around the world of a corrupt JP Morgan, US government, DOJ and the greatest silver robbery in history.  This interview goes full circle to the blockbuster King World News interview with Andrew Maguire back in 2010, which first broke the story about Maguire catching the manipulators red-handed in the silver market.

December 7 (King World News) – Eric King:  “Andrew, as you know, the US Department of Justice announced they were going to pursue criminal charges against JP Morgan for rigging the gold and silver markets.  We already have this lawsuit against JP Morgan going on and all of this is going to come out in discovery, and really what the DOJ said was, ‘Hold on, lets not go there for six months while we tinker around.”

A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole
London whistleblower and metals trader Andrew Maguire:
  “That’s exactly correct.  You summed it up well.  Eric, this JP Morgan story about the US Department of Justice pursuing criminal charges against them follows Deutsche Bank pleading guilty 2 years ago.  It just opens up the lid of a complex rabbit hole that leads all the way to the top of these organizations.  JP Morgan’s trader, John Edmonds, pled guilty and turned state’s evidence, and we had similar admissions from HSBC and other bullion bank traders, but these admissions only evidence what is going on in the weeds (behind the scenes).

A Trip Far Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole
JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, UBS, Barclays, have all been caught and charged with engaging in nefarious activities, but these charges always focus the attention on the lowest traders on the totem pole.  What is clear is that is that we have multiple examples of far more serious transgressions than a few spoofs seeking a few ticks on either side of the market that lead far deeper down the rabbit hole.  Let’s not lose focus that all of the banks just mentioned are privileged to have gold accounts with the Bank of England.

Corrupt DOJ Intervenes To Protect The Banks
Two days ago, the DOJ placed the current lawsuit on hold for at least six months for the reason that any further disclosures (in discovery) would harm an ongoing criminal investigation.
  Yet this is part of the evidence I provided to the CFTC and the DOJ during this same period these charges are now being admitted to.  Why has it taken between 5-7 years to bring charges against these banks?  And now the DOJ needs another 6 months?  It is because these too-big-too-fail banks and their CEO’s responsible need to be protected at all costs, and therefore deals need to be done (in order to keep the truth concealed from the public)...

Gold is making its way back into the global monetary
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Andrew Maguire continues:  Obviously these recent admissions, and more importantly where they lead, are still under investigation.  But let’s look at examples that cannot be instigated by a lowly trader working on his own.  As we know, it is not uncommon to evidence a year’s worth of global mine supply being traded in the paper markets in a single day.  Obviously, this is paper gold and silver that has no intention of ever being delivered, which in itself has evolved into a form of spoofing the global physical market prices.  But nevertheless, by the addition of undeliverable synthetic supply and employing the power of position concentration prices can be moved at will.  There are multiple examples of this, and by 2011, I had provided the CFTC and the DOJ with some 80+ examples of where the prices of gold and silver price would fix within 24 hours. 

CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton And The Great Silver Robbery
I would suggest KWN readers watch “The Secret World of Gold,” a 14 minute Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary which can be accessed by clicking here.  In this documentary, CFTC commissioner, Bart Chilton, acknowledges my evidence and we walk through the footprints of a blatantly, easy to identify example of market rigging.  I also walk viewers through the footprints of the notorious (overnight) May 1, 2011, $3.6 billion-dollar silver manipulation.

This manipulation was instigated at the thinnest possible time at night, when China and the European markets were on holiday, on no news, a massive sell program was instigated triggering stops.  The scale of this robbery exceeds every bank heist on record, yet to my knowledge no charges were ever filed.  There can only be only one conclusion, whoever instigated this illegal directional sell program had a free pass to do so (from the government), and this is exactly the kind of activity the DOJ wants to insulate the too-big-too-fail banks from.  

Further Down The Rabbit Hole To The Source
But this leads us further down the rabbit hole to the source….KWN has now released 
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