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Michael Belkin: Founder, Financial Market Strategist & Author of The Belkin Report – A weekly global forecasting service since 1992 which has become the trusted resource to advise managers of hedge funds, pension funds, investment banks, mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds and family offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Previously, Mr. Belkin was a vice-president and quantitative strategist in global equity proprietary trading at Salomon Brothers. Michael is also a frequent speaker at leading financial industry events and a guest commentator on major media business news networks. To receive the SPECIAL $100 DISCOUNT EXCLUSIVELY FOR KWN READERS & LISTENERS regarding “The Belkin Gold Stock Forecast” use this PASSWORD: KINGSGOLD and CLICK HERE or email Hyperpyron

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Read Recent Belkin Gold Stock Forecast subscriber testimonials below:

7/30/2016:  I was wary at first and just watched your picks for a few cycles, then went all in…and in the last 2 months I made back my investment 100x+. I am stunned, as is my wife…thanks

7/25/2016: “Great work for a extremely cheap subscription fee. See my portfolio went up several folds within months. If this is only the 1st inning, I am looking forward to better months ahead. thanks guys for the fantastic work. Appreciate it very much.”

7/17/2016:  Michael, I wanted you to know that you are changing people’s lives in a real way. I started with 76k and now at 206k. Thanks, Brian FL

7/23/2016:  Your fortnightly gold report is a standout. After losing almost everything in the GFC of 2008, I have made it all back. Thank you all at the Belkin (Gold Stock) Report. Jim

7/20/16:  I just want to let you know I am a very happy subscriber to your gold report. I learned about it on King World News and it’s been just what I needed to succeed in the stock market investment arena. Mark”

7/29/2016:  Thanks, wonderful, accurate, precise.  I have done very well, thanks to your philosophy, low profile, you are the opposite of Jim Rickards, showing off all the time, charging a lot of money for his gold model, yours give me confidence, and it’s great value for such an excellent product. Thanks a lot also to Eric King, for telling us about you.

7/30/2016:  Michael, the Belkin Gold Stock Forecast is excellent! Just listened to your interview on KWN, looking forward to your recommendations on a new segment of the PM sector in the next issue.

7/30/2016:  Michael, thank you so much! The Belkin Gold Stock Forecast is wonderful, to the point and right on the money. You have given me back the confidence to trade once more and it has never been so rewarding.

7/12/16:  We, too, would like to express our appreciation to Michael. This subscription has allowed us a degree of diversification within this specific sector. The Belkin Gold Stock Forecast has indeed been one of the best investments we’ve ever made!!!

7/12/16:  I just wanted to take a moment and thank Michael and all the staff for all the help. Thank you once again and also a BIG thanks to Eric King and his site King World News.

7/29/2016:  Brief and succinct. The subscription is an outstanding bargain.

Introducing “The Belkin Gold Stock Forecast” – Are gold stocks a part of your investment portfolio? Do you want them to be?

This is your opportunity to take advantage of a historically undervalued asset class—with bi-weekly advice from a seasoned financial professional. Now, Michael Belkin applies the same tested forecast models that have made The Belkin Gold Stock Forecast a must‐read to the gold asset sector.

With The Belkin Gold Gold Stock Forecast you’ll learn:   

•    Why gold has appreciated by 200% since 1983—but gold mining stocks have actually plunged by 
43% during the same period.    

•    How you can take advantage of these undervalued assets—and which ones to buy.

•    The inside story—what’s really going on, from an independent financial professional, untainted by endorsement deals or vested interests. 
In a market flooded with overvalued assets, gold mining stocks offer exceptional long‐term value. But you need expert help to make the most of this opportunity. 
The Belkin Gold Stock Forecast is designed for investors already in gold assets—and those who intend to be. It identifies stocks that can outperform the PHLX Gold/Silver Index (XAU). These are all senior and mid‐level producers and exploration stocks, listed on the North American, London, and Australian exchanges. 
As a subscriber, you’ll receive your downloadable report bi-weekly, on Tuesday morning, with:    

•    A list of recommended stocks (including recent additions and deletions)

•    A chart page, featuring the gold index, and highlighting selected assets

•    A brief commentary providing an overview of latest developments

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The Belkin Report : King World News - Logo“The Belkin Report”

•    Since 1992 the Belkin Report (BR) has helped portfolio managers outperform their benchmark indices, and assisted hedge funds to harvest absolute gains. The BR combines a weekly x‐ray of market sector performance with forecasts for each one. Its proprietary forecast model focuses on sectors, groups, and individual stocks, with a particularly strong emphasis on sector rotation. The report also features a macro view on global market developments, with a critical eye on central bank credit operations. The BR’s track record of accurate calls has earned it the attention and loyalty of major investment houses around the world.

About Michael Belkin    

•    The word iconoclast applies well to Michael Belkin. That’s someone who “attacks cherished beliefs, or traditional institutions, as being based on error or superstition.” Of course, there are plenty of other folks doing that in the investment field. What distinguishes Michael is that he backs up his declarations with data.

•    Since 1992, The Belkin Report has used Michael’s proprietary forecasting model to project the performance of market sectors, groups, and specific stocks. It provides three‐ and twelve‐month forecasts for financial markets based on rates of change. Because of its track record, The Belkin Report has become a trusted resource for top hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds across the globe.

King World News - Man Who Advises Top Sovereign Wealth Funds In The World Says The Price Of Gold Is About To Be Unleashed!•    Michael graduated from The Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley, where he conducted independent research sponsored by the legendary Mark Rubinstein. His innovative steak was apparent even then. “I developed my own models,” he says, “after studying what they taught us in econometrics—because I found mainstream models were not effective.”

•    In 1986 he was recruited by Salomon Brothers as a market analyst, and soon moved into proprietary trading, attaining the position of vice‐president. There he made his first big splash in the investing community by accurately forecasting the collapse of the Nikkei Average—which subsequently dropped 37%. Among Michael’s other accurate predictions: the top in the U.S. tech bubble in 2000, the subsequent stock market low in 2002, the housing bubble top in 1997, and the post‐collapse low in 2009.

•    Besides producing The Belkin Report every week, Michael is a frequent speaker at financial industry events and a guest commentator on TV business news networks. He lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, with his wife.

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