Take a look at “the sure thing trade.”

Fed = Modern Day Soviet Politburo
January 27
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Simon Mikhailovich:
  Today’s Fed is our version of the 1980s Soviet Politburo. They say & do whatever may help sustain the unsustainable. That’s the game. There is no other.

Buying Up The Market To Rig Interest Rates
Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab:
  Fed’s holdings of Treasury notes/bonds amounts to 32% of entire market…

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The sure-thing trade!!!!!!!
Peter Brandt:  The only trade in which I have ABSOLUTE confidence in is that the purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar (and all fiat currencies) will continue to erode.

US Dollar Purchasing Power Collapse!

US Dollar Quarterly
Graddhy out of Sweden:  US dollar made a new high today but it is up against many different types of resistances right here. One of them is this huge blue quarterly line. Others are several monthly backtests, and arc backtests. Plus it is very late for a yearly cycle high.

US Dollar Cycle High Topping

Fiat Problems
Alasdair MaCleod: 
For those who think the USD is strong, understand that DXY is mostly EUR and JPY. Both are weak due to neg int rates. It is not the case that USD is strong. What really matters is USD v commodities. See this chart.

$ Purchasing Power vs Commodities Disintegrating

QQQ: 6th Largest Outflow In History
Traders just pulled ~$3 billion from the QQQ Nasdaq 100 fund, the 6th-largest outflow in its history.*

04/06/00: -$8.0 billion
10/19/00: -$4.2 billion
01/06/04: -$3.0 billion
09/18/20: -$3.5 billion
09/29/20: -$3.2 billion
01/26/22: -$2.9 billion

* Not adjusted for assets.

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