Legendary whistleblower Andrew Maguire just exposed that a Swiss bank has refused to hand over a client’s gold they were supposedly storing for him!

KINESIS LTD. (KINESIS.MONEY) – Welcome to Kinesis Money! Kinesis is a system created to empower people and every single person can benefit from this new monetary system that is backed by physical gold and silver.

Kinesis is focused on providing a new monetary system that can empower the people and make the world a better place. Kinesis provides a yield that will suck in metals holdings from institutional and retail metal holders.

Although it is very helpful to see an upsurge in gold backed crypto’s as it draws public and mainstream attention to gold as a safe haven asset, it is important to differentiate what Kinesis is. Not only does the Kinesis currency provide a yield, but Kinesis defeats Gresham’s Law, which no other gold backed crypto currency does. In fact, Kinesis isn’t just another a crypto currency, it is actually 100% physically backed digital gold trading on the blockchain. 

Kinesis was born from the team at Allocated Bullion Exchange (abx.com) who operate an institutional exchange in spot physical precious metals, with partnerships with Deutsche Borse, government postal systems and many others. The physical metal holdings will be inside the ABX secure quality assured environment.

The ICO will be the largest in history. Importantly, we have the power of adoption in the secondary market through publicly announced relationships with the likes of the Indonesian post office, which alone transacts tens of billions of dollars each year, and 100 million members. Also, every fund manager we have spoken to wants to be exposed to the many facets of Kinesis.

The yield comes from a sharing of the transaction fees. You can take a look at the Blueprint – https://kinesis.money/documents/kinesis-blueprint.pdf that details the multi-faceted yield system which incentivizes all participants. 

By definition, Kinesis is not a cryptocurrency. It is a precious metal title of ownership on the blockchain. It is a digital currency that anyone can use to buy and settle debts. 

Kinesis has a leading business model that brings the security and stability of precious metals to the world of digital currencies. Kinesis money is here!


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