With Wall Street off to one of the strangest starts ever this year, today a top advisor to the most prominent sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, and institutional funds in the world, told King World News that despite volatility, the silver market is going to shock the world in 2016.

Michael Belkin: All of my work is based on a forecast model that I developed when I worked at Solomon Brothers, and I now have silver as an outperform forecast vs gold.  And just to put things in perspective, I said in our last interview that I expected some gold stocks to have (very quick) doubles and triples.  The one that has been the number one name on my list is already up 320% year to date and it keeps going every day.

So that was the theme last time we spoke when I issued a regional outperformance for a key country’s gold stocks.  But I have a new silver basket which I think has tremendous (upside) opportunity.  It has that same potential for stocks to double or triple (very quickly).

Money is going to begin to flow into silver and silver is going to begin to outperform gold.  And there just aren’t that many (high quality) plays on silver, and I think the market capitalization of these silver stocks (I’ve just recommended) could swell enormously.”

Eric King:  “The fact is that there aren’t that many pure silver plays, and you’ve scoured the earth and found the best ones (that you are now recommending to the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world).”

Michael Belkin:  “That’s right.  The silver price has gone down from $50 to around $15 and it’s right on its 200-month moving average, which is textbook for a long-term trend reversal to the upside, which my model is now predicting.  It (silver) has reverted all the way back to its mean and sat there.  And so I think silver is poised to go back up, I would not say it’s ridiculous to say it could go back up to $50 at least.

So if that happens, these silver miners — if the price of silver goes up 3 or 4 times, the silver mining stocks are going to increase a huge multiple of thatKWN has just released the extraordinary audio interview with Michael Belkin, who just issued a major call to global sovereign wealth funds around the world and it has to do with the silver market.  You can listen to it in his remarkable KWN audio interview that has just been released, where he discusses exactly what he is telling the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world right now by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

KWN Belkin mp3 3:22:2016

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