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Eric King:  “Jeff, the market has taken a bit of a dive here. What are your thoughts?”

Saut:  “Anybody who has been reading my stuff should have been prepared for this.  We caught the outside reversal to the upside on April 15.  The S&P was at 1,816.  And on that day and the day after I wrote that based on my work the upside target had become 1,950 to 1,975....

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“And when we hit that about four weeks ago I basically said that on a trading basis, ‘I’m done.’  I told people to raise some cash because some time between now and the end of the year the market was due for a correction.

I don’t know if this is the correction that should be taking place in this market, but it’s got that feel.  I’m not in any rush to tip-toe back into this market on the buy side.  So right here on an intermediate- and short-term basis, I’m a non-combatant.”

Eric King:  “How rapidly could this correction unfold?  Could it be very rapid to the downside?”

Saut:  “Yes, Eric.  You’ve been in the business a long time.  Markets go down a lot faster than they go up.  Yesterday we are down more than 300 points on the Dow.  This basically came out of the blue.  The mainstream media always wants to find a cause for a decline, and they are blaming this on some bad earnings and on the Argentine default.  But anybody who didn’t know that Argentina was going to default is sitting isolated out in the wilderness somewhere and not paying attention to what’s going on.”

Eric King:  “Could that Argentine default cause a contagion?”

Saut:  “I think you need to watch some of the emerging market exchange-traded funds.  If they go into a nosedive, then things are more dicey.  But as of now I don’t see the contagion spilling.”

Eric King:  “We saw the banking crisis start to show its head again in Portugal.  So far it’s been somewhat isolated, but is that something that could spread?”

Saut:  “I saw the bank that was lending to Portugal had a huge number that was owed them.  The fact is that politicians bureaucrats and bankers are the same in Europe as they are in Washington.  They do not want to lose their jobs.  And if the EU implodes, which is what contagion would imply, they all lose their jobs.

So it’s really that simple.  They are going to bail out and taper over whomever they need to bail out and taper over and hope that time buys them out of the current situation.  This means the likelihood of contagion is very small because the politicians will immediately move to stop anything serious from taking hold.”

Eric King:  “What about the geopolitical situation?”

Saut:  “Until yesterday the markets haven’t really paid a lot of attention to that.  There was a story that went out two days ago that said Russia was massing more troops on the Ukrainian border.  I will find out later today when I talk to my people in Washington.

There was also a rumor that Germany was trying to broker a secret deal between Hamas and Israel.  I will also find out more about that situation when I speak to some people in the Beltway later today.”

Saut added:  “Gold was breaking down a bit yesterday on a short term trading basis, but longer term I believe the gold market has bottomed.”

© 2014 by King World News®. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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