Leeb:  “Right now the situation in Iraq is very precarious.  The current leader of Iraq is the guy that both Russia and Iran want to stay in power.  Russia and Iran don’t want a lot of oil coming out of Iraq.  It doesn’t do Iran or Russia any good if a lot of oil is coming out of Iraq because they both want higher prices....

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“Where are the sanctions against Russia.  There are no sanctions against Russia.  Russia continues to talk to Germany on a daily basis.  What I mean by that is Putin continues to talk to Merkel on a daily basis.  Also, China and Russia have a nearly half trillion dollar pact, and that’s just the start of things.  Their armies and navies are uniting.  They are also trading energy in rubles and yuan.

I was looking at a report from British Petroleum and it said the energy demand has grown 2.4 percent since the beginning of this century.  Now that may not sound like a high number, but it’s one of the highest numbers we’ve seen in the past 35 years.  That growth in energy demand comes on the heels of the lowest GDP growth over the past 13 years.  This is the lowest GDP growth the world has experienced since World War II.  So we are getting this growth in energy demand without any real economic growth. 

The world has it’s head in the wrong place, to put it politely.  We are focusing on getting all of this expensive energy out of the ground.  The fracking situation is becoming a train wreck.  This is no way to run a business, a country, or a world.  The West is completely lost, but there are two countries that get it in spades:  Germany, which has the largest renewable energy infrastructure in the world, and the other is China, which incidentally just raised their target for photovoltaics to a remarkable 70 gigawatts by 2017.

I always think that China will exceed whatever internal targets they have for renewable energies, but I never dreamt that they would get to 70 total gigawatts.  I never thought they would get this far this fast.  China is going full force on this project and they are spending a lot of money to get there.

Right now you are starting to see commodities run, and that’s without any real economic growth.  All of the sudden copper is moving and zinc has had a 20 percent move.  Gold is moving higher, despite Goldman Sachs predicting it would be weak in the face of a strong stock market.

You put all of this together, the loss of U.S. hegemony, China, Russia, and Germany coming together, and the only piece of the puzzle that is left is an increase in the global trading presence of the yuan.  One thing people will be able to buy a lot of, especially as the yuan is revalued higher against other currencies, is gold.  As soon as the Chinese have enough physical gold, it is going to become part of a currency basket.

So the train is coming and the train is yuan, rubles, marks, and gold, with gold being worth probably 10-times what it is today.  That is what investors need to know to make money.  This is also what investors need to know in order to protect themselves.

Now, coming back to that 70 gigawatt photovoltaics target for China, you better own some silver.  Silver is vital for the Chinese to achieve that objective.  The problem is there is not enough silver in the market to satisfy their objective at current prices.  So far President Xi hasn’t failed in any of his objectives, and he doesn’t want to fail on this target of 70 gigawatts of photovoltaics. 

This means the price of silver is going to have enormous momentum behind it when it starts moving.  In fact, the move in silver will shock people in the West because they won’t understand why silver is moving so fast and so violently to the upside -- Chinese demand.  This is what is going to turbocharge the move in silver and send that metal past the $100 level.”

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