Celente:  “Every week, between Bloomberg and CNBC, you are going to read some experts saying why gold is going to decline because they are into the Ponzi scheme (that is the current financial system).  So they want people to keep playing the Ponzi scheme, to keep their money in currencies that aren’t worth the paper it’s not printed on, and stay away from gold....

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First, before I go into that, let’s go back and put this together:  You just heard (the Fed’s) Bullard say that interest rates are going to go up in the first quarter of 2015.  When interest rates go up, that’s going to ostensibly strengthen the dollar, but that’s only in theory.

And even if the dollar does get strength, it will only be temporary because when interest rates go up, the economy goes down.  When the economy goes down they are going to have to come up with another stimulus program.  As I mentioned, you have negative interest rates right now in the ECB.

Let’s go back now to China and their gold fiasco (the missing gold).  Number one, read the Trends Journal’s Top Trends for 2014.  One of them is ‘Global Chinatown.’  Eric, money is flowing out of Hong Kong from groups with assets in the tens of billions of dollars that are coming to the states and investing.  I know this firsthand.

Number two, I don’t believe that the central banks believe that there is (any) gold (left) -- just look at what happened with Germany.  Two years ago Germany was looking to repatriate their gold and they (the Fed) were saying, ‘You can get it back by 2020.’  What, are they carrying it over by carrier pigeon, piece by piece?  You can get this stuff in a day.  I believe the central banks are all in the same Ponzi scheme and they know that the gold isn’t there.

And going back to the comments comparing the late 1960s and early 1970s with now, I remember it very well.  I was buying gold throughout the 1970s.  I made my first buy of gold at $187.50.  I got in a little late but I got in anyway.  Nobody knew what was going on back then -- very few people.  The point being, no, there weren’t all these paper trades.  You only had the United States and a couple of people in Europe and Japan playing the markets back then.  Remember, the Hunt Brothers manipulated the silver market, that’s how thinly traded these things were.

So now you have these massive amounts of paper trades going on, not to mention all of the ETFs, and where is all the gold?  I believe the gold doesn’t exist (to back up these instruments), as many people believe it doesn’t exist.  After all, if it existed, Germany is not a third world nation, they should be able to get their gold back any time they want, and they can’t (even) get it (a tiny portion of their gold) back until 2020.  And by the way, the only government that demanded it back was Venezuela, and you saw what happened to Hugo Chavez.  Whether it was an act of mother nature or an act of a madman, Chavez isn’t around any longer, but they got the gold back.”

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