Embry:  “I am watching the real fundamentals for the economy, which do not look good in the least.  This is despite the continued propaganda coming out of Western mainstream media and the government.  I see no evidence of improvement whatsoever....

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“As a result of this we have the markets in total lockdown.  The markets have become so manipulated that it’s laughable.  The situation has become so bad that we have Deutsche Bank coming out and saying perhaps the Fed and the central banks are controlling markets too much through their guidance.

What a laugh that is.  It’s a whole lot more than guidance.  The U.S. government has agents all over these markets working them in whatever direction they want.  So it’s important for people to understand that you are getting no true information from what’s happening in markets short term.

And then when you get into some of the numbers coming out of Europe and they keep talking about recovery.  Well, any recovery I see in Europe is just a dead-cat bounce.  The reality is that conditions in places like Italy are continuing to deteriorate, and Italy is a big economy in Europe.

For the longest time Draghi has been managing expectations over there by threatening to print a ton of money, but I think he is on the cusp of finally doing something, which will change the attitude in Europe toward gold.  Also, interestingly I have been reading about the beginning of World War I in Europe, and I see so many things today in our geopolitical space that are troubling.

So I hope that the world doesn’t blunder into another war because I think it will be the last war.  But right now we have the United States antagonizing both Russia and China, and this is at a time when both of these countries are getting closer together by signing major economic deals.  I honestly believe that the U.S. had better be careful because these two countries could cause enormous upheaval in the gold market and the U.S. Treasury market.

Also, I was in London last week and it was fascinating because England is a bifurcated country.  London is the center for hot money in the world.  There is money from China, Russia, the Middle East, etc, in London -- money is coming from everywhere to London.  There is also construction going on everywhere. 

But if you contrast that with the rest of England, which I think is in almost a depression, the fact that they are running around saying the English economy is improving is misleading.  I think England is just the beneficiary of hot money.  I noticed today that Caterpillar came out today and said sales were down 13%.  Well, that’s a real business.  So I think that’s more indicative of what the real economy is doing, rather than what is going on in downtown London.”

Embry added: “I was really excited to be in London because the first time I was in London was 52 years ago.  I was there with three friends and we didn’t have any money.  But the thing that was really interesting back then was that Europe was really cheap from a North American perspective.

In fact, there was a book you could get called ‘Europe on $5 a day.’  Well, we actually each lived in Europe on $5 a day.  That included a roof over our heads, three meals a day, beer, and the odd buck left over to see a play or something.  Well, this time I am in London 52 years later and I paid $8 for a coke in Harrods.  That’s a pretty good description of the debasement of U.S. money.”

Embry added this regarding gold and silver: “The HUI is flirting with a breakdown according to some people.  I think the same entities which have been manipulating gold and silver prices are messing around with the stocks as well.  But I remain adamant that in the fullness of time this will be seen as one of the greatest investment opportunities in history to buy gold and silver stocks.”

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